Monday, October 02, 2006

A Secret Pal Package, Lady Eleanor, and a New Hobby?

So, I participated in the Knitty Coffeshop's first ever spinning secret pal exchange and had a great time! I received this wonderful package from my secret pal (whose identity I'm still not certain about) on Saturday.

From the top left corner: 8 oz. Finn top (so soft), 4 oz. Shetland/Mohair Cloud (still has some lanolin in it and is so beuatiful), a Spunky Eclectic roving (gorgeous!!), really delicious vanilla black tea, an adorable card, a 100g skein of Opal self-striping sock yarn, and Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney (an excellent alternative to the Pluckyfluff book).

All of these are things I would have bought for myself, and it was all I could do not to spin up the fibers right away! I'm trying to be patient and spin up the BFL first, but it's so difficult when I have other beautiful fibers in the stash! Thank you so much, secret pal! It was such a thoughtful package, and I lucked out getting you as my match!

I promised a photo of the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole, and here it is!

I used 10 skeins of Southwest Trading Company Karaoke, a soy/wool blend, in the colorway Copper. I have enough left over to do fringe, if I decide I want it. It really is enormous, though, and fringe would be too much, I think. I have had thoughts of reknitting this at some point into a more manageable shawl at a tighter gauge, but I won't be doing that in the near future. The entrelac drove me nuts by the end; I was very ready for it to be over. This will make a cozy wrap for those weeks before our landlords decide to turn on the heat.

Finally, with Karen's aiding and abetting, I bought a used loom on Sunday. Blogger has, unfortunately, decided that I should not add more photos to this post, but I'll post photos and details later! You may feel free to question my sanity at taking up yet another hobby in the comments.


Laura said...

Pretty Lady E! It looks rather reddish in the photo. But it's more copper colored right?

I love my gigantic-sized Lady E Blanket. It's a good hefty shawl that can be dragged around and beat up unlike my airy reversible rib shawl.

Wear it a few times and see how you like it. No fringe is a good thing.

Now we must convince Karen to make one.

stringthing said...

yay for a new loom! and i love the color of your Lady E

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you like everything... Being your SP was so much fun. I think we were a very good match of lots-o'-loot-but-not-tons-of-talking-all-the-time. Enjoy!

Ceallach said...

Congratulations on getting warped!

Have you put the first warp on?

Wanna warpalong?

LaBean said...

*feels Val's forehead* You'll be ok. The Lady E looks great!!

JessaLu said...

Lady E is beautiful!

Penny Karma said...


the kitchener bitch said...

Lady Eleanor looks beautiful! You've confirmed my suspicions that Karaoke would be a great yarn for this. *runs off to rummage through stash*