Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What happens when you get brainwashed by the Christmas music in October

Let's get this out of the way first. I like deadlines; I work well with them. In fact, I'm much more likely to finish something when I have a deadline. And my family is really appreciative of knitted gifts, to the point that my Mom has dropped subtle hints about a sweater for a year and has asked for another pair of socks since I gave her her first pair in August. (It's a good thing she wears a size 6 shoe.) So I like to knit Christmas gifts.

The list this year, though, is a little nuts. And I keep adding to it.
- Bristow
- 4 pairs of socks (plus a pair for my husband that needs to be finished)
- French Market Bag
- We Call Them Pirates hat
- 2 pairs of Fuzzy Feet
- Ballband dishclots, as I have time (yeah, right)

Okay, that actually doesn't seem so bad when I write it down. It sounds doable, even. (See how brainwashed I am?) I mean, I have 1 1/2 pairs of socks, the French Market Bag, and the back of Bristow finished. I can do it, right? Right? Or are the evergreen fumes emanating from the enormous tree outside my office getting to me?

Oh, I have the contents of two lovely packages, from Susann and Sarah, to show you! But my photos aren't uploaded, so they will have to wait.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Week in the City

I spent last week hosting my parents on their second trip to New York City. I think they enjoyed it, even though my dad is a pretty bad traveller--he thinks there's no place like home and has a hard time appreciating NYC. I took the week off from work, since I have plenty of unused vacation time, and we did some touristy things.

Here they are at Top of the Rock (which, by the way, is a great improvement over the insanely crowded and overrated Empire State Building).

On the knitting and spinning front, there has been some progress. I finished my first pair of Christmas socks and, after much swatching and deliberation, decided to knit Bristow for my mom out of some Cotton Fleece in the stash. The French Market Bag for my mother-in-law is also nearly finished; I ran short of the handspun I was using, so I will use a handdyed mohair-wool handspun as contrast on the handles. Luckily, it matches the burgundy and green perfectly.

I did find the time to spin up 4 oz. of superwash merino that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It's from Bonkers, and should be enough for a pair of socks. I Navajo-plied it, which is quickly becoming my favorite technique for handpainted roving. I really love this yarn, and I'm itching to use it!