Monday, December 04, 2006

Question of the week--Will I make it?

I don't know. I really don't know at this point. There has been progress, but here's what's left:
- About 1/3 of a sweater sleeve, seaming, and finishing
- Pirate hat
- 1 pair of socks
- 1 1/2 pairs of Fuzzyfeet
(Oh, and finish the Pirate Socks for my husband, but that should be quick.)

The deadline is ostensibly 12/19, when we leave for home. I have a plan, but I'm not terribly optimistic given all the other things I have to do between now and then. It's looming. I think it's the second sleeve that put me behind.

But, since I've been busy with non-blogging things, here are some photos to entertain you.

First, a swap package from the lovely Susann, including Rot-Weiss (aka ketchup & mayo in a tube--excellent on fries). I also received two gorgeous bumps of alpaca-silk from Sarah, but they went straight in the "to-be-spun" pile and didn't make an appearance for the camera.

Next, Thanksgiving! Think this is too much food for 2 people?

The Christmas tree, nativity, and Playmobil Advent calendar, all put up last night.

And, finally, the reason I avoid leaving my office in December.

Complete with pine cones!


LaBean said...

I think you can get the gifts done by Xmas.. are you going to be surrounded by the giftees soo much you won't be able to knit while you're home? Or planning on NOT knitting because your hands will hurt like the dickens? hehe..

Food, what food? That's NOT enough for two people! and YAY tree!! Ah the joys of being able to put up a tree without worrying about little people knocking it down and snatching all the good ornaments off..

Karen said...

ARRGH! The tree! Must. Look. Away.

Laura said...

I need a skinny tree like yours! Artificial, right? Where did you get it?

Sarah said...

Ah, I have faith in you! You can get it done!

And nice holiday decorations!

aija said...

I think you can do it, good luck! :)

prostiturtle said...

That Rebecca magazine is the only one I own. I knit the Turquoise Lacey Sweater from it for my sister. Horrible directions, horrible customer service, but I got through it myself. Thank God you're an experienced knitter otherwise you'd get so frustrated by their directions you'd hurl the magazine across the room. Ask me how I know.