Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm back!

After more than a week in Tennessee with family, I'm exhausted. It's always good to go back, but there seems to be so much to do in such a short time! And we never get to see everyone.

I got my Schact Matchless DT for Christmas, and it's amazing! I went to the LYS where my parents purchased it and bought all the extra whorls and bobbins she had, which puts me at 4 regular bobbins, 4 hi speed bobbins, and 4 whorls. I only need 2 whorls to complete the set, I think.

Here is my first handspun. I feel pretty good about it, since it's so much better than my spindle spinning (no, I don't have pictures of the cat vomit I made on the spindle). I plied two different colors for these two hanks. The colors in the photos are fairly accurate, but the red wall throws them off a bit. What do you think? Suggestions, comments?


LaBean said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful!!! :D I love it. I MUST save up (and move, for more space lol) to get my own wheel!! LOL at 'cat vomit'. That's hilarious. I don't know enough about yarn to suggest anything but you did great this first go round!!! Keep it up!!

Donna said...

That looks great, Valerie! You know I'm thrilled you like the wheel. I was sweating it out a bit after having told you what a wonderful wheel the Schacht is...what if you hadn't liked it??? :)

Happy spinning!

Karen said...

oooh!! I'm going to have to go buy some roving for you as a plea to let me play with your wheel. Now, where do I find cashmere roving? :)

Valerie said...

Donna, of course I love the wheel! And have I told you that I'm thinking of a Lendrum for a second wheel? (Not for a couple of years, of course.)

Karen, I'm sure you can find some lovely cashmere roving somewhere. Or silk. Or even alpaca. I'll take any and all offerings. But you and Tamara can come spin for free. ;) (And Maryann, too, of course. If she makes it back to the city.)