Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Brief Update

I found out yesterday that work is sending me away overnight, so last night was a chaotic mess of deciding what to wear and, more importantly, what knitting to bring. I'm on the yoke of Saranac, which makes it far too bulky to lug around. I started Kiri for my mother-in-law's birthday, but I'm only a few rows in. For me, lace and airports don't mix. Plus, the Madil Kid Seta is tricky stuff. So, I broke down and started Klaralund last night. I was waiting to finish Saranac before beginning this, but the opportunity presented itself. This will be a quick, mindless knit; it's 4 pieces, no shaping, and just a few stitch changes here and there. I brought 4 extra balls with me, just in case I get stuck in the airport. Of course, I need to be doing work instead....

On Thursday, photos of progress (if I remember)!

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Donna said...

Hope the trip went well. I was on business travel this week, too, but it was a driving trip for me.

Can't wait to see Klaralund progress! I got my pattern book but am still waiting on the yarn to arrive. I may need to pick your brain about that expanded garter stitch or whatever it is called, but I will Google it first! :-)