Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mail from Norway and an EZ Baby Sweater

Look what arrived unexpectedly yesterday (on what I thought was a postal holiday)!

It's a wonderful package from the lovely Theresa, full of Norwegian goodies! The yarn is Evilla, from Estonia. It's unspun and will make a really cozy shawl. I have plans for it (this, if you must know, assuming I have enough). We have already devoured half the chocolate bar and 2 of the Kinder eggs, and the two licorice candies are for my mom. Thanks so much, Theresa!

During a phone call with my mom last week, she reminded me that a good friend I grew up with is expecting her first baby (a girl) next month, and the shower is this weekend. So, what did I do? This:

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Best Baby Sweater (aka February Baby Sweater), from Vogue Knitting: American Collection
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft Baby DK, 2 balls, Chicory (Note: I really ran out of yarn before the bottom garter band was finished. You could easily get 2 sweaters out of 5 balls of yarn, but it is a squeeze to get a sweater out of 2 balls of this yarn.)
Needles: US 5

I really love the results of this pattern. It was extremely quick; I started Thursday night and finished on Saturday. It is really an adorable sweater, and the yarn knits up nicely.

Finally, I finished plying the 4 oz. of alpaca silk that Sarah sent me in our east/west fiber festival trade. Mine is on the right, and the 2 oz. skein she sent me long ago is on the left. There are noticeable differences in the two skeins, but I think they will work together. This is really a beautiful fiber, and it spun really well.

Thank you all for the kind comments on Ariann. I do like it unbuttoned, but it isn't quite what I expected. Live and learn, I guess.


Sarah said...

Lovely sweater! So cute.

And the alpaca silk looks great!

Karen said...

I like that sweater better than the baby surprise....which I ripped, btw. :)

I would like to pet the Evilla yarn....

Faerynuff said...

ooh, beautiful!

I really like ariann too.

Theresa said...

YAY! You're so welcome! :-)

peri said...

Lovely baby knit.

I think that shawl/wrap would look beautiful in that yarn. Hope you have enough because I look forward to seeing it knit up.

Chat is weird without all the familiar names/people *sigh*.

Batty said...

That baby sweater is breath-takingly beautiful. Such delicate work! I can't believe you whipped it up in a week or so, that's amazing!

Nice package. You have Evill yarn! Some of my yarn is evil, but it isn't formally called that. I want some Evill yarn, it's gorgeous and evil.

Sarah said...


Are you Evah Going To Blog Again?


The_Add_Knitter said...

Umm, wow. You are a fast knitter, and what a great yarn choice for that project!

glittrgirl said...

I miss you in chat!

Jo said...

That is a darling sweater! I love baby sweaters.

Life's a Stitch said...

You do pretty well for someone who has only been knitting for three years! Found you on ravelry - we have four projects in common,

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater, and i LOVE the alpaca silk, divine! fantastic choice!
-Sandra x
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