Monday, July 10, 2006

Scavenger Hunt at the Met and Other Weekend Adventures

A large part of the big law firm associate's summer is taken up by summer associate events and lunches. The good is that you have lots of fancy meals and drinks on the firm. The bad is that they take up a ton of time and are forced social interactions. Sometimes, though, they really are fun!

On Friday evening, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a scanvenger hunt. A few of you may know that I am a total nerd at heart. I watched Jeopardy! nearly every night growing up. I played Trivial Pursuit every time I could find someone to play with me. I'm also competitive; I almost broke up with a long-term boyfriend due to some really stupid plays in a Rook game. Needless to say, a scavenger hunt is my kind of thing.

The teams were picked by the organizers, and my team was great. My friend Javad was our navigator, always looking for the location of the next question. The rest of us puzzled out the clues and found the answers. We got first place, with a perfect score. I would highly recommend this company as a way to see familiar places in a different way (or even a way to explore new places). It was surreal rushing past Degas's The Little Fourteen Year-Old Dancer to find the painting in the next room or looking only at the painting on the back of Van Gogh's self-portrait, but it was really interesting and challenging.

There were also fiber-related activities this weekend. On Saturday, I worked a bit on the Print O' The Wave Stole and a sock. We also saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean, which is more likeable than the reviews indicate. On Sunday, I finished two pairs of One-Hour Baby Booties from Stitch n' Bitch Nation and the sock. I also started the Go With the Flow tank in Rowan 4-ply cotton. It's really lovely, but it is going to be a challenge--more in endurance than anything. There was also a bit of spinning on some really lovely Bluefaced Leicester from Maryland Sheep and Wool, but spinning is still on a bit of a hiatus right now. I'm a knitting fiend again.

Next time, I will have photos of the booties and some handspun I've been working on on the Joy.


Laura said...

Bluefaced Leicester! I _really_ want to try knitting with that. I haven't ever touched it but I've heard lots about it. Is it very dreamy? How does it compare to merino?

I hope my yarn comes today for the tank. I finished the Malabrigo sweater so I need something new!

Karen said...

Scavenger Hunt sounds like a lot of fun! Come play Trivial Pursuit at my house....I never have anyone to play with. I will warn you though, I suck at it. :)

Sarah said...

Hey! Thanks for posting the Scavenger Hunt!

But I want to see pics of handspun! Handspun....

LaBean said...

Scavenger hunts always sounded fun to me, but scared me too. I still don't know why. But it's great you had lots of fun! When I was growing up, there was a Rook deck in the house but I never fully understood it so I never played. I'm a Phase 10 kinda gal. Can't wait to see those booties and the handspun!! :)