Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Halfway Finished

I've been working on socks lately--on the subway, at jury duty today (from which I was thankfully dismissed), at Karen's house, and even at home. I also made a baby sock, using Ann Budd's Ruffle Ribs pattern available from Interweave Knits here. I used some of the beautiful Socks That Rock, in the Sedona colorway, that I bought at Rhinebeck. I forget how nice this yarn is until I pick it up again. It will be one of my few yarn purchases at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

Finished Jaywalker (and, yes, I cast on for the second one right away)

Finished baby sock

I also plied the merino from handpaintedyarn.com. I spun three bobbins and made a 3-ply yarn. I'm fairly pleased with this yarn, but my spinning certainly needs a lot of work. It is around fingering/sport weight, although I have not measured the wraps per inch.

A close up

Finally, I dyed a bit of Corriedale roving using icing coloring, similar to Wilton. I'm very pleased with the blue/purple, but I'm not sure about the green. I may overdye the resulting yarn.

So there! You have some photos and can be happy until I finish something more worthwhile--in May or June. You can always go look at Monkee's lace if you get bored.


helen said...

oh my gosh VAL!! that baby sock is TOO cute. and the green roving? i LOVE it. great job

Karen said...

The baby sock is TOO cute! Still love the colorway.

The green roving...I love it! Too bad green looks awful on me...

Areli said...

The baby sock is so very cute! And I love the purple yarns, such a pretty color.

Laura said...

this is my fifty-millionth attempt at leaving a comment (ok, maybe just my 10th). Stupid blogger better take it!

I love the 3-ply yarn and I think you did a good job with it. Much better than other attempts that I've seen and better than some crazy looking homespun that people are selling. Keep going and maybe you'll have enough for a sweater!

zibibbo said...

you say tomato I say tomahtoe

Impressive plyin' there Bella!

jen said...

What a beautiful dye job! I've yet to move beyond Kool-Aid in the old crock pot, but seeing gorgeous results like this is really inspiring!

And nice knitting. The baby sock is really cute. I love your colour choices!